OxSonics Expands Operations In Oxford

Oxford, UK – 26 September 2017 – OxSonics Limited, today announced it has expanded its operations in Oxford and moved into newly developed state of the art laboratories and offices.

The newly customized facilities occupy the entire East wing of the second floor of the  “Magdalen Centre North” building and spans over 4,800 square feet. The bespoke premises comprise state of the art molecular biology, chemistry, electronic engineering and acoustic engineering laboratories together with offices that will cater for continued expansion as the company progresses into the clinic with its ground breaking SonoTran® drug delivery platform. The terms of the lease arrangement with The Oxford Science Park secure the company’s future for at least five years.

Commenting on the expansion, Colin Story, CEO, said “This move secures the future of the company at The Oxford Science Park and provides an environment equipped to meet the needs of the development and business administration functions of the business. It provides a fantastic environment for our employees and our strategic collaborators to continue to develop what we believe will revolutionise the way in which a whole range of cancers will be treated globally with SonoTran. The company has made a significant investment in developing these facilities to plan for long term growth and future success.”

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About OxSonics Limited
OxSonics was established in July 2013 to develop and commercialise ground-breaking advancements in the field of therapeutic ultrasound invented at the University of Oxford’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering. OxSonics SonoTran® drug delivery platform has the capability to overcome one of the greatest challenges facing solid tumour cancer therapy by delivering drugs throughout tumours, including to the areas that lie furthest from blood vessels. SonoTran can be applied to any cancer drug. A major benefit of OxSonics’ technology is the ability to provide real-time on-screen feedback to the clinician as to where and when drug delivery is taking place. OxSonics is based in Oxford, UK.

For more information please visit: www.oxsonics.com.

About The Oxford Science Park
The Oxford Science Park was created in 1991 and is owned and managed by Magdalen College Oxford, one of Oxford’s oldest and most famous colleges with a tradition of academic excellence and entrepreneurship. The Park upholds the College’s heritage and provides one of the most influential science, technology and business environments in the UK for more than 2,500 people in over 70 companies, ranging from start-ups to SMEs and multi-national organisations.

For more information please visit: http://www.oxfordsp.com.

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