OxSonics Launches New Website & Renames as OxSonics Therapeutics

Oxford, UK – 7th January 2019 – OxSonics, a world leader in the development of ultrasound-based drug delivery systems for the treatment of cancer today announced the launch of its new website and its new name “OxSonics Therapeutics”.

Colin Story, CEO, commented: “OxSonics Therapeutics innovative drug delivery platform is designed to deliver significant therapeutic advantages to those patients most in need, as such, the name ‘OxSonics Therapeutics’ better reflects our values and vision as a company.”

“Because our approach has the major advantage of not requiring any drug modification we can employ a hybrid business model. We will apply our technology to in-market oncology agents but also to collaborate with drug developers under strategic co-development partnerships – our new website provides more information to prospective partners.”

“Our vision as a company is to provide life changing therapies to those facing some of the toughest cancers – those patients with solid tumours. We enter the clinical arena next year where we begin to turn this vision into reality.”

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About OxSonics Therapeutics

OxSonics Therapeutics’ proprietary platform technology, SonoTran®, has been developed to enable a step-change in the therapeutic index of anti-cancer agents without the development costs or delays associated with drug reformulation. SonoTran® is able to increase the efficacy and/or reduce the toxicity of almost any anti-cancer agent and can be used across the majority of the most challenging solid tumour cancers.

The approach has been specifically designed to fit seamlessly into existing oncology clinical workflows, and has the major advantage of enabling healthcare professionals to see-as-they-treat by providing visualisation of active drug delivery to the tumour on-screen in real time.

Based on ground-breaking technological advances, invented at the University of Oxford’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering, SonoTran® maximises the dose and distribution of anti-cancer agents throughout solid tumours. This increases the possibility of cancer patients world-wide benefiting from these potentially life-changing therapies.

OxSonics is based in Oxford in the UK.

For more information please visit: www.oxsonics.com.

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