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Cancer. This time you’re going to listen.

We’re OxSonics, a pioneering clinical-stage therapeutics company committed to developing a ground-breaking platform technology to make anti-cancer drugs smarter, act faster and, above all, work better.

Blood cells

The big challenge.

Around 90% of all adult cancers are solid tumours that can develop in any part of the body. Many solid tumours cannot be surgically removed or treated with radiotherapy and therefore rely on drug-based therapy. The penetration of anti-cancer drugs into and throughout solid tumours is widely recognised as presenting a major limitation to their effectiveness. In fact, clinical studies have shown that less than 0.01% of a systemically infused antibody can be detected per gram of tumour tissue 24hours following infusion*.

* J. M. Lambert, and A. Berkenblit, “Antibody–drug conjugates for cancer treatment,” Annual review of medicine, vol. 69, pp. 191- 207, 2018.

SonoTran® has been shown to enhance the delivery of multiple oncology agents resulting in a significant enhancement of tumour retardation when compared to the oncology agents alone.

Meeting the challenge head on.

Our SonoTran® Platform has been designed to actively enhance the delivery of oncology drugs into solid tumours. SonoTran® is drug agnostic and requires no drug reformulation enabling its use with both existing and novel therapies.

We have our own development programs as well as collaborations with Pharmaceutical and biotech companies to work to bring smarter, faster and better therapies to as many patient groups as possible.

Designed by clinicians for clinicians, SonoTran® offers a sophisticated yet intuitive solution that dovetails with existing patient care pathways to meet the challenge head on.

Working together.

Developing a new anti-cancer therapy is time consuming, expensive and comes with a high chance that it won’t be any more effective than current standard of care. We think that we can significantly improve the odds. If you’re developing an anti-cancer therapy, talking to us might be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Watch how SonoTran® works

For investigational use only, not approved for sale.