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Stronger together.

We’re already actively working with pharma and biotech partners – we’ve demonstrated profound efficacy enhancements in pre-clinical studies and we’re planning translation of these into clinical development programs.

Join us

By combining your therapeutic agent with SonoTran® we could significantly de-risk your clinical development program and maximise its chances of delivering first-in-class and/or best-in-class therapy to patients. Importantly no drug reformulation is needed whatsoever.

We’ll manage the installed based of SonoTran® Systems so that we as partners can focus on the development and commercialization of the injectable therapeutic agent and SonoTran® Particles.

By working with us, we can create new IP and optimal pricing and reimbursement that together provide a framework to bring better and smarter therapies to patients.

SonoTran® is designed to…

Increase efficacy

By enhancing the dose and distribution throughout solid tumour tissues.

Reduce toxicity

By enhancing tumour dose whilst administering lower systemic dose.

Enable new delivery routes & indications

By overcoming PK-related limitations.

Deliver value

By providing both clinicially enabling and commercially differentiating solutions.

Salvage failed therapeutic agents

By enhancing efficacy at or below the maximum tolerated and/or maximum feasible dose.

Extend patent life

By combining an off-patent therapeutic agent with patent protected SonoTran® technology.

How we could make a difference to oncology challenges

Common challenges amongst Small Molecules, Biologics and Oncolytic Viruses

Challenges without SonoTran®

    Low patient Response Rate
    Low efficacy at Maximum Tolerated Dose
    Manufacturing cost and/or yield
    No time and/or budget to reformulate drug

How SonoTran® could make the difference

    Eliminate tumour delivery as a variable
    Reduce systemic dose, elevate tumour dose
    Reduce systemic dose, elevate tumour dose
    Reduce systemic dose, elevate tumour dose
    No drug reformulation necessary

Common challenges specific to Oncolytic Viruses

Challenges without SonoTran®

    Poor circulation kinetics and tumour penetration when delivered IV
    Response variability when administered IT
    Risk of clinical adoption if administered IT

How SonoTran® could make the difference

    Enable IV administration route