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OxSonics’ Cofounder Professor Coussios Presents at the Royal Society

OxSonics’ Cofounder Professor Coussios Presents at the Royal Society 

Oxford, UK – 24th October 2018 – OxSonics cofounder and Chief Technology Officer Professor Constantin Coussios is an invited speaker at a scientific meeting of the Royal Society on the subject of “Delivering novel therapies in the 21st century”. Professor Coussios’ talk entitled “Shaken and Stirred: Ultrasound-enhanced Drug Delivery” will include data generated using OxSonics proprietary drug delivery platform SonoTran®. Professor Coussios’ presentation covers the technology that underpins SonoTran, namely that SonoTran works by the mechanical effect of ultrasound, known as acoustic cavitation, and how this is exploited for convective transport of therapeutics into solid tumours. Professor Coussios explains that the SonoTran approach utilises relatively low-intensity ultrasound delivered from a portable device and does not require drug modification or encapsulation. In oncology, sub-micron cavitation-inducing particles co-administered with small-molecule drugs, therapeutic antibodies or viruses are shown to increase both the penetration and total dose delivered to tumours following systemic administration, significantly enhancing their therapeutic efficacy even at a reduced systemic dose.

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About OxSonics® Limited
OxSonics® was established in July 2013 to develop and commercialise ground-breaking advancements in the field of therapeutic ultrasound invented at the University of Oxford’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering. OxSonics® SonoTran® drug delivery platform has the capability to overcome one of the greatest challenges facing solid tumour cancer therapy by delivering drugs throughout tumours, including to the areas that lie furthest from blood vessels. SonoTran® can be applied to any cancer drug. A major benefit of OxSonics’ technology is the ability to provide real-time on-screen feedback to the clinician as to where and when drug delivery is taking place. OxSonics® is based in Oxford, UK.

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